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  1. Excellent. Nothing like a truly useful tool to emeiggbn spirits.The house we’re in now came with a stove that runs either wood or coal, and since we can pick up just about as much coal as we want right on the beach (this place is pretty amazing), we’ve been learning how to run it on that. Thus far it seems a very agreeable arrangement, with fabulous heat value and less smell and fuss than with wood, and the resultant ash is a great anti-ice and traction treatment for the winter walkways. The stove design is pretty impressive to this noob, too even with full-on raging heat that would boil water on the radiant top, the front vent tabs and plates remain cool to the touch. Was not expecting that We’ll see where we wind up after this winter, of course, but I’ve gotta say that I’m liking the SHTF sustainability profile of a unit that runs either of two things that we have in some abundance here.